Austin Cleaning Products Startups See Huge Surge in Sales From the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s a good time to be in the disinfectant and cleaning products business. Curtis Eggemeyer, CEO of Lemi Shine, has seen demand for Lemi Shine, multi-surface antibacterial cleaner, disinfectant wipes, liquid dish soap and laundry detergent, skyrocket in sales since March. “This isn’t something you can plan for,” Eggemeyer said. “Our demand is off the […]

Airbrake Raises $11 Million in Funding

Airbrake, which makes software that tracks errors in web apps, announced this week it has raised $11 million in funding. The company, founded in 2010, is based in San Francisco but has a large presence and office in Austin. Austin-based Elsewhere Partners led the financing round. Airbrake has an interesting history. Exceptional bought Airbrake and […]

SourceDay Lands $12.5 Million in Funding Amid Increased Demand for its Supply Chain Management Software Spurred by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

SourceDay, which makes supply chain management software, announced on Tuesday that it has raised $12.5 million in venture capital funding. The Austin-based startup, founded in 2013, has raised $23.3 million to date. The company’s latest Series B round of funding was led by Baird Capital with participation from existing investors Silverton Partners, ATX Ventures and […]

AlertMedia Sees a Huge Increase in Demand for its Emergency Communications Software in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

AlertMedia has become a critical communications tool for many companies during this COVID-19 global pandemic. The Austin-based startup provides emergency communication software, used by over 2,000 enterprise companies in 100 countries to keep employees safe from threats to their health and safety. Its customers include Walmart, HEB, DHL, Greyhound and Healthgrades. “We’re solving a big […]

Xenex Deploys Germ-Zapping Robots Worldwide to Fight the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is hitting like a tsunami worldwide with 105,586 cases confirmed in more than 100 countries resulting in 3,584 confirmed deaths, according to the World Health Organization. In the U.S., the threat of a widespread outbreak of the Coronavirus is causing governments to declare states of emergency, companies to have their workers telecommute and large […]

Austin Officials Cancel SXSW

The show isn’t going on after all. On Friday, City of Austin officials held a press conference and announced the cancellation of SXSW and SXSW.EDU, set to take place next week. “We are devastated to share this news with you. “The show must go on” is in our DNA, and this is the first time […]

Zoho Cancels Zoholics in Austin Amid Concerns About the Coronavirus

Zoho, which has a large and growing campus in Austin, announced on Wednesday plans to cancel its annual Zoholics event in Austin, in late April. “After consulting with global health experts across our various regions, we believe that this is the safest and most responsible decision for the entire Zoho community,” ccording to an email […]

SXSW is On Track to Happen in Austin

The show will go on. South by Southwest is not cancelled. “There’s no evidence to suggest cancelling SXSW makes the community safer,” Mayor Steve Adler said during a press conference Wednesday morning.  If that changes, the city, county and a health advisory panel will take action, Adler said. They are continually evaluating the evidence and […]

Hypergiant to Host SpaceCom and The AI Collective During SXSW

SXSW is less than three weeks away and Austin is going to be hopping. There’s a ton of great programming for those with badges, but there are also some great activities going on for the general public. This year, Hypergiant, a startup in downtown Austin cofounded by Ben Lamm, is hosting two special events and […]

WSJ Ranks Austin as the Nation’s Hottest Big City Labor Market

The Wall Street Journal has ranked Austin as the hottest big city labor market in the country. Austin beat out number two, Nashville, on the list. The Wall Street Journal ranked Austin, which has an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent, as its top spot because of big expansion projects announced in the area, particularly Apple’s […]