WP Engine Revs Up on WordPress

By TIM GREEN Reporter with Silicon Hills News It’s Ticketpalooza Day at WP Engine, the Austin-based company that offers managed hosting services for WordPress-based websites. About 30 members of the company’s support staff are gathered around two long tables fielding calls from customers having problems with their websites. The support reps tap on their laptops, […]

Sprinklr Acquires Austin-based Dachis Group

New York-based Sprinklr announced Wednesday its acquisition of Austin-based Dachis Group, which specializes in social and brand analytics. The combination creates a formidable company. Together, they “have raised more than $95 million in venture capital, acquired 11 companies, including three of the original 13 Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers and served over 50 percent of the […]

Robocoin to Open First Bitcoin ATM in Austin

The first U.S. ATMs to let users buy and sell bitcoins will be installed later this month in Austin and Seattle by Robocoin, according to a Reuters story. The Canadian-based Robocoin installed the first kiosk in Vancouver last fall to allow people to complete transactions with bitcoins, a cryptocurrency that has gained a lot of […]

Ten Semi-Finalists Named for SXSW Pitch Competition

By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Silicon Hills News, Austin Technology Incubator and Central Texas Angel Network have picked the ten semi-finalists for a South by Southwest pitch competition to be held March 9 at the Austin Chamber Offices. They are: Pristine.io Embrace Customers Spot On Sciences Filament Labs Mahana EyeQ Insights SegUrWay […]

CoinTerra Cashes in on Bitcoin Mining Craze

By Leslie Anne Jones Reporter with Silicon Hills News When there’s a gold rush on, it’s sometimes the shovel sellers who get rich fastest. On January 27, CoinTerra started shipping the world’s most efficient shovel for mining Bitcoin: the TerraMiner IV, a networked ASIC Bitcoin miner which, at $5,999, is presently the lowest price-for-performance model […]

Voter Trove Helps Conservative Campaigns Move into the Age of Big Data

By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News The data machine that helped President Barack Obama win his second term was like a 21st century Trojan horse, crashing in on the Republicans. Way behind in technology, the GOP was completely unprepared for the strategic advantage the Democrats gleaned from collecting, sorting, and analyzing copious amounts […]

SpareFoot Takes Gold at Austin’s Third Annual Startup Olympics

By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News “Eye of the Tiger” throbbed in the background, interrupted only by periodic swells of cheering as various teams won beer pong, foosball, darts and myriad other games at the third annual Startup Olympics in Austin Music Hall Saturday. Sixteen startup teams competed but SpareFoot triumphed, winning more […]

San Antonio MX Challenge Seeks to Solve Problems and Realize Dreams

By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News The XPRIZE Foundation organized a four-day adventure trip to visit tech companies in California last February. XPRIZE Founder Dr. Peter Diamandis wanted to showcase space and ocean innovation to a select group of entrepreneurs. Part of the event involved a Zero G flight in which the passengers […]

SpareFoot Launches Battle of the Storage Bands Contest in Austin

Music and technology go hand in hand like bananas and cheerios, coffee and biscotti and alligators and a swamp. And the music and tech industry in Austin work together in such perfect harmony like Paul McCartney’s Ebony and Ivory lyrics. “Ebony, Ivory Living In Perfect Harmony Ebony, Ivory, Ooh” So it just makes sense, so […]

Opportunities and Obstacles in America’s Visa Options

BY SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News Last year, Congress introduced the Startup Visa Act to provide visas to foreign entrepreneurs who have U.S. backing and whose businesses are expected to provide certain levels of employment, revenue, or capital investment. If the legislation ever passes, it may make things a lot easier, said Sweta […]